Update 17/06/20

June 17, 2020


Just a few points this week:

We have had a number of different enquiries and I am pleased to confirm that:

Social members can play golf. They will have to book a tee-time and pay the guest rate on-line.

Non-playing members can accompany another golfer(s) during their round, just to enjoy the walk and the company. Please remember social distancing at all times.

Those who wish to do so, can acquire a playing handicap at this time. This is how:

• Download the scorecard from the club website www.staudrysgc.co.uk (you will need to submit scores for 54 holes in total – either 3 rounds of 18 or 6 rounds of 9 holes)

• Book tee times and play your rounds of golf with another golfer.

• Mark your card with the number of strokes taken at each hole.

• Total the number of strokes taken and ensure that both you and your partner agree your score

• Sign your card in the players box and write your partners name in the markers box (no need for partners signature)

• Take a photo of each scorecard

• Email the scorecards to staudrysclub@btconnect.com

We will then calculate your handicap and advise you accordingly. If you need further help do not hesitate to get in touch.

This is just the update for this week – we continue to do lots of other work planning a full return to golf when conditions permit – I will continue to keep you informed.


Judy Gowen
Chairman of SAGC