SAGC Update

April 23, 2020

Mike continues to undertake general maintenance of the course during the lockdown in accordance with the guidelines that define ‘essential maintenance’. His report is as follows:
“The fairways and rough continue to be cut when required. The greens have been cut and top dressed with sand. This will be repeated in a week’s time. The tees are due to be cut this week. Basic maintenance continues, including hedge cutting, strimming areas that can’t be cut and spraying paths to reduce weed growth.
The irrigation system is in operation, spraying most nights because the course is very dry and there is no sign of rain in the near future. A fault with the putting green irrigation piping was fixed.”
Mike has also been asked to keep an eye on the newly planted trees on the 7th hole and water them as necessary.
Tony Rhodes has kindly taken some photos and you can see from these that the course will be in great shape when we return.
Peter King is not at work at the present time, he is on furlough leave.