Perhaps Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect – 2 Hole in Ones

May 18, 2020

After the prolonged closure of St Audry’s Golf Course & an enforced break from golf generally, it was great to get back to some semblance of play last week. We had quite a coincidence occur on Sunday 18th May when a Hole In One was achieved by two Members.

Early in the day, Andy Milsom struck his 8 iron from the 7th tee & watched it pitch just short, left of centre of the green. His playing partner Andrew Murphy said “that’s not going to be far off”. They heard the ball hit the flagstick but weren’t sure where the ball finished. Andy didn’t get too excited while walking to the green as he thought that the temporary cup insert would probably have prevented the ball from staying in the hole. He only fully realised that he’d achieved his first ever Hole In One when arriving at the green. He said that his celebration was made even better on the realisation that the bar wasn’t open. 😉

A little later, Judy Gowen (our Chairperson) teed off on the 9th with her 5 wood & watched the ball as it cleared the front bunker. The ball landed straight inside the cup & stayed there. Judy & her playing partner, Jane Hickling could see this from the tee area. What makes this achievement, Judy’s first, so remarkable is that as with Andy’s earlier Ace, the temporary cup insert did not propel the ball out of the hole.