Course Opening

May 12, 2020

Hello Again

I am delighted to let you know that golf will re-commence at St Audrys Golf Club tomorrow from 8am.

Please study the attached Return to Golf document carefully and ensure that you comply with all the guidance. This is particularly important for all members who are over 70 who must continue to take extra care as we move forward.

I take this opportunity to emphasise the following:

Booking your round

Some of you were very quick off the mark yesterday using the booking sheet that went ‘live’ on the website ahead of time. In order to give reasonable opportunities to all members, bookings are restricted to one game ahead and one game a day. This means that you cannot book a second round until after you have played the previous booking. If you booked more than one round yesterday, you will find that subsequent rounds have been deleted.

The booking sheet has been moved to the members section of the website.

For the moment, golf is restricted to members only so please do not bring a guest to play. There will also be no ‘Pay and Play’ for the time being.

Please be considerate and remember that some members are working and will need tee slots so that they can play their golf at the weekends.


Although the Return to Golf documents states that flagsticks must not be touched, there will in fact be no flagsticks in place for the first few days. This is because they are currently being fitted with a barrier so that the ball will not fall to the bottom of the cup. However, once there are flagsticks in place, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not touch them when you pick your ball up. Remember that we are only playing social golf – giving a short putt is encouraged.

Social Distancing

Keeping your distance is vital so please adhere to all the ‘Playing the Game’ points which are intended to keep you safe at all times – keeping up with the players ahead of you will mean that each group maintains a safe distance.

We have recognised that social distancing could be difficult if ‘two way’ traffic is permitted along the narrow path that leads from the car park to the course. We are therefore asking you to adhere to our request that, as you leave the 9th hole and reach the road, please turn right and use the tarmac path alongside the road in order to return to the car park.

First Aid

If you should need access to the first aid box, you will find it in the black cupboard at the players entrance.

Monitoring the Course

We believe that all our members are responsible and thoughtful and we do not intend to monitor the course on a permanent basis. We will however keep a close eye on things for the first few days. If you would like to help with this please call me on 01394 383422.

Please remember that all these arrangements are new – they may need to be adjusted as we go forward and as we extend play to 18 holes. I will keep in touch


Judy Gowen