2017 Photographic Competition Results

February 11, 2017

2017 Photographic Competition Results

“Our first year of running the photographic competition, resulting in the 2017 Calendar was a success, if not a huge one! We hope that this year’s will be a GREAT success, so please support this event and get snapping!

The judge, Chris Noble from Devon, had a hard job in selecting the winning 12 photographs as they all had merits and he thoroughly enjoyed them. He was given a Calendar as a token of my thanks and enjoys looking at it on a daily basis and is looking forward to seeing the entries for the 2018 Calendar.

Here are the results of our 2017 Photographic competition:

WINNER  –  JULY and Front Cover – By Juliet Rhodes

Judge’s comments – The winning photograph was a worthy one, with good composition and subject. Exposure and focussing were good. Apart from any technical considerations, this picture captures the atmosphere of St. Audrys Golf Club – an excellent, well maintained course; a welcoming nineteenth; and FUN!! Although those two chaps are equipped for a round of golf, they don’t take it too seriously and are intent on enjoying the experience.

Technically, the composition is good, drawing the viewer’s eye to salient parts of the frame, whilst encouraging further exploration of the scene.

2nd PLACE – APRIL – By Richard Hudson


Judge’s comments – Good subject and composition again but didn’t have the impact of the winner and had suffered a little from focussing issues. A good action shot. The line of the golfer’s sight, the direction of the club and the path of the ball, all lead the eye towards the target hole. The cloud of sand is an indicator of the shot’s difficulty.

3rd PLACE – DECEMBER – By Amanda Davidson

Judge’s comments –  The snow scene deserves a special mention. It is an excellent photograph and a close contender for runner up, but lacked subject identity in that the golf club theme was not immediately apparent to me.

The other ten photographs chosen were all good candidates.

JANUARY – By Juliet Rhodes

Judge’s comments – Nice winter scene (could arguably benefit from cropping for better composition

FEBRUARY – By Richard Ford

Judge’s comments – Nice composition (messy on left hand side)

MARCH – By Gareth Ottywill

Judge’s comments – Technical shot with good depth of field and lighting (could be any course)

MAY – By Richard Ford

Judge’s comments – Just a pleasant shot with good feeling

JUNE – By Richard Ford

Judge’s comments – A ‘spot the ball’ picture

AUGUST – By Richard Hudson

Judge’s comments – Appropriate depth of field and composition

SEPTEMBER – By Tony Rhodes

Judge’s comments – An interesting perspective

OCTOBER – By Tony Rhodes

Judge’s comments – Nice depiction of work that’s needed to keep the course in good condition


NOVEMBER – By Joane Randolph

Judge’s comments – Good autumn colours

Thanks again to all 16 entrants.  If you didn’t make it into the calendar last year, give it another try this year. You could be a winner!